Silicon Cape Networking Event #4 at La Med

Silicon Sunset

Sunset at Silicon Cape, La Med

Whenever issues an update on a new event, the members of this online network scramble to get their names on the list, and for good reason!

This year’s first meeting at La Med attracted around 700 people who moved heaven and earth to be there. Silicon Cape aims to “attract and bring together local and foreign investors to foster the creation and growth of world-class IP start-up companies” (read about the Silicon Cape vision and objectives)

Pokens (Photo by Brandon Golding)

Pokens (Photo by Brandon Golding)

The event (and the full bar bill) was sponsored by Cell C and Lars Reichelt, CEO of Cell C, revealed their new MyTools offering which combines mobile technology with cloud computing. Other local start-ups such as Twangoo and Motribe had a chance to wow the audience with their success, and a few elevator pitches had the crowd in fits of laughter (or yawns), while much networking was done over copious amounts of free alcohol.

The sunset over the Atlantic was well worth the attendees’ undivided attention, while the sim cards and free Pokens (also sponsored by Cell C) made for excellent giveaways to gadget-mad geeks.  Much pokening and poking ensued as both new contacts and lasting friendships were cemented with enthusiastic “Hi4″s!

SiliconCape events are advertised on their website, and RSVP is done there.

Silicon CapeYou can also read my colleague Clyde Mallon’s blog post about the Silicon Cape event on the Cytrus blog.  Clyde is the Business Analyst at Cytrus. He’s a fan of all things technology-related, networking, and catching a wave at sunrise. He’s not a fan of the colour pink and, given his surfer blood, any form of closed shoe…:-)


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