Never underestimate the power of Networking

Here’s a great networking success story I heard from Tania Bownes, Director of yesterday:

Networking Women

Women network everywhere they go!**

Our story
(by Tania Bownes)

It all began at the gym, where Penny Haw and I got chatting at the end of 2008 about our fledgling NGO, DreamWorker. I was hugely excited and she just loved the concept of what we were doing. She said she would love to do a story about us some time……..

Early in 2009 I told her more as we trundled along on the treadmill together. She was even more excited and took the story to the Business Day Editorial team who tasked her with writing a piece about Ronald and me and DreamWorker. The end result was a huge full page article, including a colour pic, which was……

Picked up by Cape Talk/702 and Redi Direko interviewed us for an hour the very next day. A fabulous interview with much interest and a big response………….

The programme director on that show noted us and was very taken with DreamWorker.  When he went off to eTV, he made contact with Ronald all of 2 years later, to do a piece on unemployment as part of an eNews feature on the same subject………….

From there, Mpho, the guy filming that snippet loved DreamWorker so much that he ended up producing a piece on us which he “sold” in to the eNews editorial team. DreamWorker was featured on the main eTV evening news broadcast on a Saturday night as well as on eNews, on the hourly news broadcast for the next 24 hours. This resulted in a massive surge on our website, calls to the office and huge awareness for DreamWorker.

And it all began with two ladies chatting together on a treadmill at the gym!

** Disclaimer: The women in the pic are models and not Tania & Penny.. :-)


Do you have a networking success story to share?  Please send it to me on retha at needadream dot com?


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